Standscape is on online booking system for exhibition stands.


We exhibited at Confex.
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  • Our interactive web-based system means that bookings are reflected in real time.
  • This means everyone is working off the same floorplan, and accuracy is much improved.
  • The up-to-the-minute floorplan is available on any browser or mobile device. 
  • Not only does this save time and dramatically increase efficiency for the organiser, but exhibitors and infrastructure managers love it too.

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Send us your layout and we'll program an interactive version of it.

If available, we can show the venue infrastructure as a background and lay the stands over it, to scale.

Allow your exhibitors to view and select available stands, or use the system internally to keep things accurate and tidy.

In the Pro and Premium versions, a stand-booking can be linked to a registration form which allows you to collect important data such as fascia name and company bio, company logo, attendance of social events, billing address and much more. 

Our Premium version provides for the printing of name-badges for the exhibitors and their stand-reps. Our system can even send a Proforma Invoice to your client, and provides many other features from the robust admin panel. Bulk-mailing, for example.

The system allows an exhibitor to book multiple stands at the same time, and receive one consolidated confirmation mail (and invoice, if you've chosen that facility).


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 Our system is used by organisers of

  • Tradeshows
  • Trade Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Expos
  • Fairs and Markets
  • Medical and Agricultural Shows
  • and more


While we do offer versions for small/medium events, the software really comes into its own for bigger events (500+ stands). 



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International pricing (if you are based in Africa, please contact us for discounted rates)



package pro



Up to 500 stands


Exhibitor registration form






 €2500  (Euro) per event

 £2190  (GBP) per event


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package premium



Unlimited stands


Floorplan Infrastructure background 

Exhibitor registration form

Optional extras:

Exhibitor name badges

Proforma Invoicing


 €4300  (Euro) per event

 £3765  (GBP) per event


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package premium



 Organising more than 3 events per year?

Here's the best option.


As per Premium package

Unlimited events




 €8600 (Euro) annual fee + €1300 per event

 £7530 (GBP) annual fee + £1140 per event


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